In my Flora series, I found inspiration in my own backyard. Seeing my children’s fascination with the land, their way of being in contact to nature, how they spontaneously feel, smell and move around their surroundings has made me slow-down and appreciate the beauty that is all around me.

I am drawn to plants and I am intrigued by the gracefulness of their veins, their geometry and the symmetry of their leaves.  I see their infinite shades of greens and blues. For this series, I have used a combination of techniques and mediums. While my smaller pieces were created on the road with watercolors, my larger pieces brought me to be still and evoked patience. I took close-up pictures of plants and intentionally emphasized the details on large canvases to show Mother Nature’s intricacies. Oil pastels were my medium of choice for their vibrancy in hues and their blending abilities allowing the touching on canvas and the feelings of connection to my subject.