Artwork Description: Watercolour, acrylic and ink

“Lupinus” is a captivating 16″x12″ watercolours, ink, and acrylic painting on paper, capturing the essence of nature’s beauty. The artwork focuses on a close-up view of a cluster of Lupinus leaves, emphasizing their intricate and fascinating leaf geometry. The artist skillfully blends shades of blue, with hints of green, to create a mesmerizing representation of these leaves. Against a coral background, the colours harmoniously interact, evoking a sense of tranquility and serenity.
The Lupinus plant, commonly known as lupin, holds symbolic meaning. It represents imagination, inspiration, and new beginnings. Its vibrant foliage serves as a reminder of the ever-changing seasons of life and the continuous cycle of growth and renewal. Each leaf’s unique shape adds an element of visual interest, showcasing the natural diversity and complexity found in the world around us. “Lupinus” invites viewers to appreciate the simple yet profound beauty of nature and invites reflection upon the interconnectedness of all living things.

Dimensions: 16″ x 12″ / Image size: 10″ x 8″

Date of original artwork creation: February 2021



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