Artwork Description:  Watercolor on paper and mounted on a wood panel with a resin finish

“Lush Echoes” is a collection of four paintings, each a testament to the beauty and diversity of nature, created during an inspired journey through Central America. Every 10″X8″X3/4″ piece, realized with watercolor on paper and mounted on a wood panel with a resin finish, captures the essence of a distinct plant, reflecting the personal growth and inspiration discovered in lush environments.

1. Giant Canopy: This painting interprets the Elephant Ear plant, focusing on the natural shape and proportions of its leaves. Colors are used creatively to highlight their detailed structure and to convey the sense of shelter provided by a natural canopy.

2. Stardust Glow: Drawing inspiration from the Primulina ‘Stardust’, this artwork employs vibrant colors to accentuate the plant’s delicate features, capturing its quiet, star-like essence.

3. Desert Drift: This piece portrays the Foxtail Agave, with color choices that mirror the plant’s resilience and elegant form, reminiscent of a serene journey through a desert landscape.

4. Gloriosum Gala: An homage to the Philodendron Gloriosum, this work uses color to emphasize the texture and pattern of its leaves, conveying a sense of natural elegance and festivity.

The “Lush Echoes” collection, originally sold as a cohesive set, reflects the intertwining of experiences and inspirations from the travels. Individual prints of “Giant Canopy,” “Stardust Glow,” “Desert Drift,” and “Gloriosum Gala” are available for those drawn to a particular piece and its representation of nature.

Dimension: 10″X 8″X3/4″

Date of original artwork creation: January 2024


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