Artwork Description: Mixed media on wood panel, resin finish

“Sempervivum Tectorum” is a 36″X48″ mixed media painting that beautifully showcases the beauty of the Sempervivum tectorum plant, renowned for its hardy nature and captivating rosette-like form. The painting offers a close-up view of a cluster of Sempervivum tectorum plants, capturing their intricate details with meticulous precision.
This artwork is created using a combination of mixed media techniques, resulting in a visually striking and textured composition. The artist employs collage, acrylic painting on canvas, and the gentle blending of oil pastels to bring the Sempervivum Tectorum plant to life, infusing it with vibrant and nuanced colours.
To elevate the painting’s luminosity and ensure its durability, a resin finish is thoughtfully applied. This glossy layer not only serves as protection but also adds a captivating sheen, intensifying the colours and imbuing the piece with an enchanting radiance. Moreover, the resin finish invites viewers to engage with the painting on a sensory level, as its smooth surface entices touch and creates a visually captivating interplay of light and shadow.

Dimensions: 36″ x 48″ x1.5″

Date of original artwork creation: April 2020

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